Turn your employees into brand ambassadors

Have you met SocialPubli Advocacy? It is a tool that empowers your employees as brand advocates and engages them to promote your company’s branded content using their own social networks.

No one is better suited to talk about your brand than your employees who know the company perfectly. They are a valuable part of your progress and key to your success.

Why not motivate and encourage them to be active social ambassadors for your brand?

Have you launched a new product? Have you posted a job offer? Or do you simply want to promote the brand? SocialPubli Advocacy is exactly what you need.

Sign up today and invite your employees to join SocialPubli Advocacy.

This is your opportunity to increase brand visibility and let yourself be seen on all social networks, not just the corporate ones. You will also tap new Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube followers, and can even feature your content on your employees’ blogs!

By the way, everything will work under your supervision, so there’s no need to worry. You are in charge of communicating with your employees via the platform and can always control what is being shared and how you want it to be shared.

When an employee writes a message, it will first go through an approval process. You or somebody else that is assigned this responsibility can review the content, request edits to the message or approve it as it is.

Employees can receive incentives in exchange for sharing content. The company may choose to offer an extra day off, a dinner, or tickets to the movies! You decide.

What is most important is that your company and your employees and collaborators work as a team to achieve a better future together. It’s a winning strategy.